Booger Red's Saloon 


Booger Red's Saloon 
105 E. Exchange Ave Fort Worth Texas
11am to 10pm (Mon-Th), 11am to 1am (Fri), 9am to 1am (Sat), 9am to 10pm (Sun)


No visit to H3 Ranch is complete without a stop at Booger Red's Saloon. Located next door, Booger Red's is named in honor of the legendary Texas bronc-busting champion Samuel Thomas Privett (1858-1926). A Stockyards District institution since 1984, Booger Red's features Fort Worth's most complete selection of tequilas, the one-of-a-kind "Anita-Rita" margarita, a vast selection of cigars, wines and spirits as well as domestic and imported beers. Be sure to try the saloon's popular 16-oz. Buffalo Butt Beer, named for the aft end of the mighty beast prominently mounted in the center of Booger Red's bar. Each frosty bottle of Buffalo Butt Beer is served in an iced bucket.
After a day of touring the Stockyards District or just before lunch or dinner at H3 Ranch, Booger Red's is the perfect place to hang up your hat, settle into a saddle barstool and enjoy appetizers, ribs, cool beverages and more in a delightful western setting. And who knows? Hang around long enough and you might just see a real cowboy or country and western star.
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