Cowboy Church


Cowboy Church
Stockyards Cowboy Church 140 East Exchange

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Our Sunday worship service starts at high noon. Please feel welcome anytime to visit us or become a regular worshipper with us. 817-626-6738 140 East Exchange Fort Worth, TX 76164


Cowboy Church Fort Worth Stockyards

Cowboy Church Fort Worth Stockyards, Inc. was started with the first Red Stegall Cowboy Gathering in the Fort Worth Stockyards in 1991.  We have gathered for worship in the Fort Worth Stockyard area every week since. 

We are Non-Denominational and welcome all who would like to join us. 

 Our service is held at noon each Sunday in the Stockyard Station area east of the art gallery.  Parking in the southeast parking lot is free during the church service,  just tell the parking person where you are going and they will direct you to the best parking area. 

We are registered with the Secetary of State as a Non-profit and all contributions are tax deductable.  all funds are donated to various North side charities.  No one from the Church is paid from these funds.  The funds are spent at the direction of the governing board of the Church.  These directors are elected by members of the Church. 

Come worship with us and enjoy the service with fellow Christions who strive to live the best way we are able. 

 You are always welcome!

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