Superior Productions Family Horse Sale


Superior Productions Family Horse Sale
Fort Worth, TX

Saturday, November 05, 2011

1:00 pm


As part of our “Superior Family” we invite you to consign in the Superior Family Horse Sale. We’re very excited to offer top end performance horses raised and trained by Superior Productions and Superior Livestock ranches, employees and representatives. Horses will be showcased on The American Rancher, Superior Livestock Spotlight and online on Superior websites.  The sale will be held on November 5, 2011 at the Superior Livestock Auction Studio in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards and broadcast on RFD-TV. We encourage you to put your best horse forward for this special offering!


Please send information to Superior’s office-DEADLINE-5PM, October 3, 2011

Forms must be completed on each horse.

1. Original registration certificate

2. Signed transfer

3. Good quality still photos and video (see specs)

4. $300.00 non refundable consignor fee

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