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An Acoustic Evening with Tanner Fenoglio, Trey Rose & Erik Willis

Trey Rose Bio
With his versatile vocal range and ability to connect with an audience, Trey Rose has quickly become a sought-after live performer across the United States and a “must-have” on playlists across the globe. When it comes to vocalists and artistry, there is a difference between a performer and the artist who makes a connection with his audience. Rose is the latter.
“Music is a universal language. Music can connect a room full of complete strangers within a matter of minutes. It doesn’t matter what everyone has going on in their lives, where they came from, or who they are. The right song can make someone forget about all that and just escape. My goal is to bring the audience to that better place; even if just for a moment.”

Trey Rose is a force to be reckoned with; from the very first note, his soulful grit, combined with his southern rock and pop musical influences, captivates audiences young and old.
Born in Hugo, Oklahoma, Trey was drawn to music as a youngster.
“I remember hearing a Matchbox Twenty song on my way home from school and I immediately thought, ‘I want to do that!’ ”    

It wasn’t the glitz and glam of performing on stage that attracted him; Trey became obsessed with the writing and the creative process, and he was motivated to move listeners with his music.

Trey is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on a series of tracks scheduled to rollout throughout the remainder of 2020.

Tanner Fengolio Bio

Nocona, TX native singer/songwriter Tanner Fenoglio is coming up on entering a new chapter in his life. One that has been in the making from the time he first picked up that sunburst ibanez acoustic guitar in high school. He has spent the last year in and out of the studio in Ft Worth working with a group of uber-talented musicians and producers to bring his songs to life. When asked about his upcoming EP and the long hours that he has put into making this dream a reality he simply says, “It’s time.”
Tanner called Nocona home for the first 18 years of his life. Still does. Family history and roots run deep in Montague County, especially with a name like Fenoglio. Generations of long-established Italian immigrants date back to the earliest settlers in this county.
Tanner knew all that history, knew the expectations that would be heaped on the eldest son of a six-generation Fenoglio. But what they didn’t know, what no one knew, was the dream that was surfacing and calling from a young age. A dream and a passion that would have to wait years to grow, years to bloom, years to become reality. But he knew. And he waited.
Tanner traveled the road that most tread. High school, college, job, family. But as some have discovered, God’s plan is not always our plan and things get out of order. Tanner sang, wrote songs, and played venues in college, but college comes with a price, an emotional price, and tough choices and decisions were soon in the cards. Enter Brittany Fenoglio. A beautiful young girl caught his eye and his heart, and what was a fun-loving, care-free couple soon became a family of four. And a family meant a living, and Tanner soon found out that a living was the furthest thing from making music at the time. So, with difficult choices between dreams and family, Tanner took the high road and sold all of his equipment except for one acoustic guitar and took a job working 80 hours a week in the oil field. Nights were filled with college classes because he knew an education and a degree would provide for his wife and daughter. Tanner never gave up on his dream, though, and still wrote songs that played through his mind and hummed beats that danced in his soul. Putting his music on hold was just that, on hold.
“In retrospect, I understand God’s timing 100% as it allowed me to mature vocally and become more seasoned as a song writer. I think having my wife and two daughters through this process has also given me motivation that I would not have had otherwise, motivation that has been much needed. I look back and it’s like a giant puzzle where the pieces just started falling into place with each life event which ultimately put me into a position to be able to put my heart into a CD with my songs.”
“I started playing guitar and writing songs my senior year in high school and wrote my first song called ‘Realize.’ I had friends and family that actually liked it and requested me to play it for them. I ended up doing a cheap recording of it and also played it the night of my high school graduation. It was then when I realized how powerful and influential songwriting could be when you wrote something that people could relate to. I knew then that I would never stop.”
That has been twelve years ago. Twelve long years to put things into perspective and grasp hold of this true desire to evolve into a musical artist with the maturity and growth unknown until now. And now has come.
Tanner is center stage in his life with the inception, culmination, and release of “This Town,” his first CD that promises to touch souls and inspire people to open their hearts to their own past of trials and struggles, as well as fun times and fond remembrances. He describes his songwriting as “down to earth,” and “true to myself and my life experiences.” Growing up in a small town and being influenced by those moments in life that seem insignificant at the time all helped Tanner forge those feelings into tunes such as “Cheap Gasoline,” “Two Light Town,” and the title track “This Town.”
“I have always been a sucker for writing love songs, so I have always been able to pull from past experiences to influence those types of songs. A simple love song can have such an impact on someone that is going through a tough time or a break up. My first single to radio is a love song called ‘This Ain’t the Movies’ It is about a guy who wishes his break up was a movie so he could have another shot at it but the reality is there is not alternate ending.”
Tanner’s life nowadays is not so far removed from the reality of the movies, after all, storybook endings do happen, and Tanner has all the faith in the world to lead him down this path we call country music. With God guiding the way and Brittany and the girls following closely at his side, Tanner’s time has come. Enter Tanner Fenoglio. You won’t want to miss a minute of this ride.

Erik Willis Bio

In a time when many artists are striving to find their identity, Erick Willis is slowly leaving his mark on the scene, with a personality that is true and not just a stage persona. Taking cues from the music he was raised on Erick is blending soulful melodic lyrics, with the deep groove of roots-rock and as his lyric says, "with some of the harder stuff." Showcasing a smooth voice with an excellent upper register, uniquely gravely at times, and always pleasant to the ear, Erick is bringing lots of soul to the mix, along with undeniably Texas inspired lyrics. 
Getting his start at an early age, Erick has been no stranger to performing. Growing up in Henrietta, Erick spent countless Sunday's in church with his grandmother learning to love the craft of singing through the choir and holiday specials Erick found his passion for music. Whether it was singing in the choir, traveling to perform in the Texasville Opry, Johnny High's Country Music show, the Texas Gold Country Music Show, or simply talent shows, Erick never lost that drive. One might say Erick was born to perform and entertain and they would be right.
Always one to recognize where he came from, Erick credits his mother for much of his success. Being a single parent, Erick recognized the hard work and dedication his mother put into raising he and his sisters, and took away a strong work ethic and applied it to his craft. Erick's mother also helped influence his musical tastes though her immense love of great hard-rock groups as AC/DC, Whitesnake and Journey. Not only was the rock there, but Erick's grandfather, also a huge influence in his upbringing, introduced him to the golden age of country music.
Through a sold mix of musical styles, and a great supporting cast of family and friends, Erick began to form a genuinely unique ear for music and a solid grasp on life and how to live. As a freshman in high school, Erick took up guitar class and began to learn how to create his own blend of music. It really didn't take long for Erick to realize he had found his calling, and so began his journey as an independent artist. From open mic nights, to talent shows, to late night recordings at a friends home studio, Erick quickly found himself as a performer and not just a guy who could pick out a few cords.
Erick is poised to find success at a great level in this business.  Though a unique approach to performing and writing, Erick will continue to be appreciated for many years to come, and be no stranger to the joy that can be found when a melody through six strings meets the power of emotion in true lyrics.
Passion and depth are what makes any good songwriter transition to the next level. Connecting with the audiences the ultimate key. Erick does that. The raw, heartfelt emotion in his delivery can convince even the harshest of critics.

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08/07/2021 - 7:30pm


Downtown Cowtown at the Isis

2401 N Main St
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