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The Stockyards are still a thriving business center – and nowadays that includes event spaces, banks and more. So whether you need a doctor, a lawyer, or a facility to rent for a wedding, the Stockyards have plenty to choose from.

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Fort Worth Transportation Authority

The T was created in 1983 as the Fort Worth Transportation Authority, a regional transportation authority of the State of Texas and is not an agency or department of any of its member cities. The T Mission Statement: "we will provide quality public transportation to meet the mobility needs of our region" The T annually provides nearly 9 million passenger trips on buses, vanpools and the Trinity Railway Express, which it jointly owns and operates with Dallas Area Rapid Transit. The T is developing a commuter rail from Fort Worth to DFW Airport. The T is governed by a nine-member board of directors with eight appointed by the Fort Worth City Council and one by Tarrant County Commissioners Court.


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Fort Worth Transportation Authority


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