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The Stockyards are still a thriving business center – and nowadays that includes event spaces, banks and more. So whether you need a doctor, a lawyer, or a facility to rent for a wedding, the Stockyards have plenty to choose from.

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Precise Energy Products, Incorporated

Precise Energy Products, Inc. offers high-quality equipment to the independent oilfield service companies. Precise manufacturers FLUID PUMPING Cementing Units | COILED TUBING Units & Evolution 60/80K Injector | NITROGEN Units Skid Mounted & Nitrogen Units Trailer Mounted | SLICK LINE Units Trailer Mounted & Slick Line Units Truck Mounted | SNUBBING | SWABBING | AND WIRELINE Units Truck Mounted. Precise Energy Products, Inc. also offers Two Levels of Training and Well Services Technical Support. Financing is also available.


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