Stonehouse Hotel

In keeping your visit historically correct, you will experience life as it was when the West was wild and Fort Worth was young. From the decor of the rooms, the ambiance of the era and the lifestyle of shared *common areas, you will step back in time and live the lifestyle of the late 1800's and early 1900's.Just like "back when" you can enjoy the experience of gathering in the "eatin rooms" with new acquaintances from around the state, all around the country or most likely from other countries! *shared common areas; as they were referred to in the "day" are the restrooms, shower and tub rooms. Stonehouse Hotel is divided into 9 exquisitely detailed Theme Rooms, and coming soon; a theater/t.v. conference room that will be located on the third floor. 4 of the themed rooms, each boast of a private bathroom. The remaining 5 rooms each have a free standing ceramic sink in the room but have * shared common areas, down the hall.



Stonehouse Bed & Breakfast


open 24 hours



2401 Ellis Avenue
Fort Worth TX 76164